Knee replacement surgery in Largo, Florida

Our compassionate, experienced orthopedic surgeons perform total knee resurfacing and same-day, minimally invasive partial knee resurfacing at Largo Medical Center’s Florida Orthopedic Pavilion.

The surgeons at Largo Medical are experts in joint reconstruction. For the last 20 years, they have helped pioneer and perfect partial knee resurfacing.

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Treating osteoarthritis

Although knee problems can result from injury or trauma, we are most likely to experience knee pain caused by osteoarthritis as we age.

Osteoarthritis of the knee is sometimes called “wear and tear” arthritis because the cartilage—the soft tissue that cushions and protects the bones in the knee—gradually wears away, much like the tread on a tire. Eventually the cartilage is gone and bone rubs against bone. This causes almost constant pain and limits your ability to walk, work or perform even simple activities.

In its early stages, osteoarthritis can often be treated with medicines, injections and other non-surgical treatments. But once the cartilage is worn thin or is totally gone, these treatments fail to relieve the pain. When this occurs, the conventional treatment has been surgical reconstruction of the knee, replacing all three components of the knee with prosthetic implants.

Our expert orthopedic surgeons provide comprehensive orthopedic care at Largo Medical and have helped improve PKR. Depending on the condition of your knee joint, they may recommend this less invasive procedure.

Partial knee resurfacing

Because PKR is a same-day, outpatient procedure, you receive the added benefit of sleeping in your own bed after surgery.

PKR is a small-incision procedure greatly benefiting people who have arthritis in only one compartment of the knee. Instead of replacing the entire knee, PKR replaces only the side of the knee damaged by arthritis.

Most patients are even walking the same day. PKR benefits include:

  • Less pain
  • Faster recovery (back to activities in four to six weeks)
  • No suture removal
  • No physical therapy
  • No blood transfusions

Total knee resurfacing

When the cartilage is damaged in more than one component of the knee, the entire knee joint can be successfully resurfaced with metal and plastic, preventing bone from rubbing on bone. This procedure also has excellent results in long-lasting pain relief and restored joint function.

The hospitalization and recovery time for total knee resurfacing is longer than it is for partial knee resurfacing. Patients can generally expect to return to normal activities within eight to 12 weeks. We offer comprehensive orthopedic physical therapy and rehabilitation programs to help patients recover fully and as quickly as possible.

Preparing for knee replacement surgery

Upon check-in at the Florida Orthopedic Pavilion, you and your family are given a comfortable, private room to keep belongings and to prep for surgery. While you undergo surgery, your family can dine, play games, watch DVDs or even grab a cappuccino.

After surgery, you and your family can return to the room for recovery and discharge.