Cardiovascular surgeons in Largo, Florida

Largo Medical Center is quickly becoming a regional heart care powerhouse, offering a full continuum of cardiology services, including heart and vascular surgeries.

Our highly trained heart surgeons perform routine, minimally invasive and advanced types of cardiovascular surgeries.

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Types of cardiovascular surgery we perform

If other treatment options have been exhausted and proven unsuccessful in managing your heart condition, surgery may be the best treatment option for you. Your cardiologist will discuss your condition and treatment options that best fit your specific heart health needs.

Our cardiovascular surgeons at Largo Medical Center treat heart conditions with heart and vascular surgeries, including:

  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm repair
  • Angioplasty
  • Aortic valve replacement
  • Aortoiliac/aortofemoral bypass graft
  • Automatic cardioverter defibrillator implantation
  • Cryoablation/heart ablation
  • Heart assist system implantation
  • Heart transplant
  • Heart-Lung transplant
  • Heart valve surgery
  • Minimally invasive heart surgery
  • Minimally invasive lung surgery
  • Mitral valve replacement
  • Myocardial perfusion imaging
  • Off-pump cardiac surgery
  • Pacemakers
  • Pacemaker insertion
  • Percutaneous balloon valvuloplasty
  • Pericardiocentesis
  • Phlebography
  • Thoracotomy
  • Vein excision

Diagnosing coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG)

If you have a blockage in one or more of your arteries, your heart may not be able to get enough oxygen-rich blood and you likely have heart disease. Warning signs of this include chest pain, chest discomfort or arm pain. If this persists, you could have a heart attack, and the muscle will be damaged.

To determine your diagnosis and if bypass surgery is necessary, our expert cardiac team will perform a cardiac catheterization.

During this procedure, our expert diagnostic imaging technicians will take an angiogram, a catheter procedure that uses detailed X-ray pictures, to show any arterial blockages.

Details of CABG

CABG is an operation in which arteries from other areas of the body, such as the leg, are used to go around, or bypass, clogged coronary arteries. Blood can then flow freely to the heart through the new arteries.

The blockage remains, but the blood supply has been rerouted around it to the heart.

Heart transplantation surgery

Our Transplant Institute of Florida performs heart transplantation surgery if your heart no longer functions as it should and all other treatment options have proven unsuccessful. During this surgery, the damaged or malfunctioning heart is replaced with a healthy one from a deceased donor.

Heart transplantation surgery is not a solution for all patients with heart failure. Your cardiologists will discuss with you this option and the evaluation process to become a heart transplant candidate.

Off-pump cardiac surgery

Off-pump cardiac surgery is a type of bypass surgery without the use of the cardiopulmonary bypass machine used in traditional CABG. In CABG, this bypass machine performs the pumping functions of the heart while bypass grafts are being placed on the heart.

With off-pump cardiac surgery, only the part of the heart where the graft will be applied is stabilized. The heart continues to beat throughout the surgery.

These techniques are tailored specifically by the surgeon to your clinical condition and coronary anatomy.

Understanding heart valve conditions

The four valves in the heart ensure blood flows forward as your heart contracts and relaxes. A human heart beats more than 100,000 times a day. The valves must flex, stretch and hold back pressure hundreds of millions of times in an average lifetime. As we age the valves can weaken and harden.

When disease causes the valves to harden and weaken, they will not open properly and the blood flow is blocked or flows in the wrong direction.

Heart valve surgery

Heart valve repair and heart valve replacement operations are performed to improve the health, quality and longevity of life for patients with heart valve disease.

Sometimes the surgeon can restore the valve to normal function by remodeling the tissue. The surgeon does this by removing stretched tissue or sewing the edges. Artificial rings can be used to narrow an expanded valve and to reinforce the valve repairs once they are completed.

Severely deformed or damaged heart valves must be replaced.