Live and Help Live: Discover the Journey to Becoming a Transplant Patient

In 2014, Dominic Rosino learned a fate he never imagined. A program emerged at Largo Medical Center that would change his life forever. See his story and other kidney transplant patient stories.

The Transplant Institute of Florida

The Transplant Institute of Florida (TIF) at Largo Medical Center (LMC) was the first transplant program to open in Pinellas County in the spring of 2015. TIF has a diverse team of employees working the many facets of transplant, serving the needs of our community and beyond.

The program has assisted in:

  • Increasing local public organ donation awareness and education
  • Reducing wait times for patients on multiple wait lists
  • Shortening travel times for transplant candidates in greater Pinellas County and beyond

LMC is one of eight hospitals statewide approved to provide kidney transplant services. It was in May 2015 that Largo Medical Center announced this highly specialized adult kidney transplant program was approved through the United Network of Organ Sharing (UNOS) to serve our local community as well other areas throughout the state of Florida and beyond.

In August 2016, The Transplant Institute at Largo Medical Center was approved for liver transplantation through UNOS so the hospital could begin to serve those suffering with severe liver disease.

Nationally-renowned transplant and hepatobiliary pancreatic surgeon, Hussein Osman-Mohamed, MD, PhD, FACS, is the Director of the hospital's Transplant Institute of Florida (TIF) and oversees the Hepatobiliary Center, treating diseases of the liver pancreas and gall bladder. "While kidney transplants are a life-saving measure provided to approximately 20,000 people annually in the United States, the living donor program is an essential part of that process," said Transplant and Hepatobiliary Pancreatic Surgeon, Hussein Osman-Mohamed, MD, PhD, FACS. "While we are now accepting patients for evaluation to be put on our transplant listing, we will also be working diligently to educate and screen living donor candidates." He said if there are patients awaiting transplantation in other areas of the country, the Transplant Institute of Florida can accept any patient's transfer while keeping their same placement on the waiting list.

Dr. Osman-Mohamed works with Transplant Surgeon, Emad Kishi, MD; Transplant Nephrologist, Layal Abdel-Rahman, MD and Transplant Hepatologist, Basem Alkurdi, MD.

In the Hepatobiliary Center, patients are treated for conditions that are cancerous or non-cancerous and those of which that can be viral, bacterial or parasitic in nature. Some of the most common conditions treated include:

  • Hepatitis A, B and C
  • Liver Disease
  • Pancreatitis
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Gallstones
  • Liver tumors
  • Metabolic disorders and conditions
  • Gallstones
  • Cysts

The prospect of an organ transplant can be unsettling and filled with stress, fear and uncertainty. That's why our transplant specialists provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions. At all stages of the transplant process, you and your family are an integral part of the decision making process about your care.