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The Florida Orthopedic Pavilion is located atop Largo Medical Center. With its luxurious penthouse setting, hotel-like amenities including all-private rooms with concierge services.

Orthopedic Joint Replacement Surgery Guidebook

Our Services

Our Surgeons

Our surgeons have years of experience specializing in particular procedures as well as advanced training and fellowships. In addition to their other expertise these surgeons are noted experts in a minimally invasive procedure with less pain and faster recovery that is an alternative to total knee replacement for many people.

Philosophy of Wellness

Our patients are treated like hotel guests who are temporarily sidelined with an orthopedic problem. We focus on wellness, and our guests are active participants in a unique treatment model that begins at diagnosis in the surgeon’s office and continues at the hospital and later at the patient’s home.

Different Experience

Right away, you’ll notice your experience at the hospital is totally different from a traditional hospital stay. A concierge handles all the details, including door-to-door transportation if needed, and then makes sure guests feel comfortable and pampered during their stay.

Guests wear their own clothes instead of a hospital gown, check in the night before surgery and can even have a companion stay at the hospital with them to act as a personal coach. We provide every amenity, such as a delightful Piano Bar where you can be entertained and enjoy a cup of cappuccino. You’ll be pampered throughout your stay with an afternoon movie, big-screen TVs and a putting green.

Research indicates a positive correlation between personalized healing environments and patient outcomes. Everything at the hospital is designed to promote your sense of well-being so you feel better and recover more quickly. Once your pre-surgery tests are done and you’re settled in, you’ll meet staff and a group of other newly arrived guests who are having the same procedure.

During your stay, you, your fellow patients and the coaches will see each other often for group activities. In addition to encouraging each other along and learning from each other’s questions, you’ll enjoy and benefit from the camaraderie and social aspects of the group experience.

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  • To arrange for a tour or for more information call (727) 588-5555 or email.
  • To register for a free seminar, call (888) 685-1594 (toll free).

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