Minimally invasive surgical techniques have been developed to diagnose and treat diseases of the chest, including lung cancer. These procedures are performed with the use of a video camera that is inserted through a small 3 inch incision of the chest. This enables the surgeon to clearly see the tissue being operated on without having to make a large incision in the chest and spreading the ribs, also called an Open Thorocotomy.

The minimally invasive technique can provide a more accurate surgery with less recovery time, less risk of infection, less bleeding and less discomfort than the traditional procedure.

It is estimated that only 10-20% of lung cancer operations are performed with the minimally invasive technique, while many more may be candidates for this more advanced technology. Largo Medical Center is offering this option for patients who may require lung surgery. The facility also hosts visiting Cardiothoracic Surgeons several times annually who attend training and observe this particular surgical technique.

Minimally Invasive Thoroscopic Surgery isn’t for every patient. Prior to any procedure the surgeon will discuss the clinical status of a patient and appropriate surgical technique for their disease specific condition.

Largo Medical Center has the dedicated nursing team and experienced physicians performing minimally invasive lung surgery.