In order to support the medical management care by the physician and nurses, Largo Medical Center has several medical support services available on site at the Indian Rocks campus and at the main campus of Largo Medical Center.

Pharmacy, Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory services are available on site and able to support the patient’s immediate and scheduled needs for medication and clinical tests. These services have the capacity to get tests and medications provided to our patients within a few hours of a physician order and critical results are called to the nurses and physicians directly. Some imaging tests like MRI, Nuclear Medicine, and Interventional Radiology are performed at the Largo Medical Center’s main campus and our patients are transported to and from that facility as needed.

At the Indian Rocks Road campus there is also available Emergency Medical Services as well as a Wound Care Center with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Renal Dialysis is also provided at the Indian Rocks campus and services are coordinated with the rehabilitative team. Finally patients who need to be tested for swallowing dysfunction can have a Modified Barium Swallow test performed on site at the Indian Rocks campus.

Any additional medical needs will be coordinated with care providers in the community.