AFib Certification

Largo Medical Center, along with four other hospitals in the HCA West Florida Division, is among the first in the region to receive AFib Certification. This specialized certification is granted by the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care to facilities who demonstrate expertise and commitment to quality patient care by meeting a wide set of stringent criteria and undergoing a comprehensive review. As a part of the AFib & Heart Rhythm Centers, our hospital is proud to be recognized for its achievement in helping to educate and treat our community.

Treating Atrial Fibrillation is an important way to help prevent stroke. Several other approaches are used to treat and prevent abnormal heart rhythm. It is sometimes possible to use medications to regulate and control.

It is the goal at Largo Medical Center to restore your heart to its normal rhythm and improve the quality of life for our patients. Our Cardiologists, Electrophysiologists and Surgeons are committed to pioneering new minimally-invasive approaches and procedures including the ones you see mentioned here on our website.

If you would like to attend an AFib & Heart Rhythm Centers seminar to learn more, please call (888) 741-5115.

AFib & Heart Rhythm Center Press Release