If you need to talk or request a referral, call us at (727) 587-7667.

The Referral Line

Behavioral Health Services at Indian Rocks provides a 24-hour Referral Line that assists patients, their doctors and other referral sources in accessing one of the behavioral health services available within our hospital.


The Referral Line is staffed by Registered Nurses knowledgeable in behavioral health and the community resources available to patients experiencing a mental health crisis.


Services offered by the Referral Line include:

  • An initial patient screening
  • Complete patient intake and collaboration with the referral source to determine if admission is required
  • Room assignment, if admission is required
  • Admission authorization from insurance provider
  • Coordination of patient transportation with referral source
  • Referral and linkage to outside resources

Goal of the program

The goal of the Referral Line is to expedite the placement of patients who are seeking inpatient psychiatric services, both voluntary and involuntary, into the appropriate track within Behavioral Health Services. The Referral Line assists the patient in getting to the appropriate service quickly. This reduces the anxiety that may come along with seeking services, reduces exacerbation of the patient’s symptoms that may occur due to long wait time, and maximizes the a smooth transition between departments and providers.