Remote Access

Remote Access provides a single electronic assess point for physicians to view patient information, clinical data, and clinical information systems through a user friendly, intuitive interface.

Simplified Remote Access (SRA) is a way for employees and employed physicians to quickly, easily, and securely access the HCA network from outside the hospital. Users will log in with their ¾ ID and password.

Simplified Remote Access

For Physicians and office staff, HCA IT&S provides a method of connecting to our systems remotely, whether at home or in their office. This tool significantly improves log in time and presents a desktop image that closely matches what physicians see in our facilities.

Physician Remote Access

PatientKeeper Connect

PatientKeeper revolutionizes the accessibility of critical patient information throughout HCA while improving quality, enhancing regulatory compliance, connecting physicians and facilities across our healthcare system, and ultimately ensuring that the communities we serve receive the best possible care.

PatientKeeper - Clinical data in the palm of your hand - Download the PatientKeeper app now.

Log on to Crimson and see your data!

Largo Medical Center/HCA is making important data available to physicians so we can see ourselves as an individual or as a specialty group. You can review the individual cases that contribute to your mortality rate, readmissions, complications, and your personal overall Quality and Utilization scores. It is important that we know our data and make the changes required to improve healthcare performance.

IT Support

Every HCA West Florida Hospital has a Provider Solutions Specialist to assist you with:

  • Accessing your patient information while at the hospital or remotely from your office or home.
  • Sign up for Electronic Signature - this allows you to sign your dictated reports from outside of the hospital.

Provider Solutions Specialist

Klea Xhafaj
Phone: (727) 588-5736 | Email