The primary focus of this program is the care of ambulatory patients with hospital rotations included to complement the residents’ education. Our outpatient clinic, Family Care at Walsingham provides an opportunity for residents to build their own diverse panel of patients. Training in osteopathic diagnosis and treatment are included in the resident clinic, on rotations, and complemented with regular lecture/demonstration sessions. All continuity-of-care of care clinics are supervised by a Board-certified, DO family physician. Morning Report, lectures and case reports are presented daily. Journal Clubs are held twice a month.


he curriculum meets all national accreditation standards and addresses the particular needs of the residents. Through specialized electives, each resident is able to develop his own strengths and correct any weaknesses. New electives may be designed by residents with the approval of the Program Director and in compliance with the College's guidelines. The program attempts to simulate an actual practice profile to prepare residents for real practice.

Evaluation System

It is important that residents know how well they are progressing. They are, therefore, strongly encouraged to discuss their performance with the faculty during and at the end of each rotation. Residents, in turn, are also evaluators who have systematic and personal means of evaluating the faculty and program.

Family Practice Resident Call Protocol

  • Residents will be responsible for Family Practice Residency Training Faculty calls only. These calls may be handled by the intern or resident. If the intern handles the call and if further questions or care are needed, the intern will call the Family Practice Resident on call for supervision.
  • If the patient requires Internal Medicine participation and the problem is Internal Medicine in nature, the intern will then call the Internal Medicine Resident for coverage.
  • A list of Family Practice Residency Teaching Faculty will be presented to each intern at the beginning of the year, and updated as necessary.

Family Practice Hospital Medicine Rotation Call

  • Resident will be responsible for Family Practice Residency Training Faculty admissions during the rotation.
  • Resident will be responsible for night admissions that may be handled over the phone depending on condition of the patient. If the patient's condition warrants, the resident on-call will be prepared to come into the hospital immediately to address the patient's needs. A full Admit Note with further orders should follow in the morning.
  • Resident night call will be one night every third week and one weekend every seventh week.
  • Residents will be responsible for coordinating rounds with the faculty/attending physicians.

PGY1 Training in Family Practice

PGY1 participation will be as follows:

  • The Family Practice PGY1 will participate in the clinic setting (Largo Family Care Center at Walsingham) one half day per week.
  • All Traditional Interns and Internal Medicine PGY1 will complete a one month Family Practice rotation in an attending physician's office.
  • Interns will be assigned on a rotating basis to in-house weekend coverage (7:00am - 7:00pm) for Family Practice admission.

Family Practice Hospital Medicine Rotation

The Family Practice Resident rotating in the Hospital Medicine Rotation will have primary responsibility to accept family medicine admissions from attending physicians. The Family Practice Resident may delegate and request that the House coverage Intern, as available, provide assistance with these admits. If the House Coverage Intern is not available, the Resident may call upon the Intern on Family Practice rotation for assistance. It will be left to the discretion of the Resident to use the services of the Intern on Family Practice rotation, and as such, this need will be communicated to the relevant attending physician by the Resident.


To assume primary responsibility for family practice admissions and request assistance from the House Coverage Intern, as available. The Resident will also delegate other patient care responsibilities to students and interns, as required.


House Officer Intern: when available, will be prepared to assist the Family Practice Resident on Hospital Medicine rotation with admissions and record documentation. If necessary, the intern on Family Practice rotation may be required to assist the resident, if the House coverage intern is not available.