The Traditional Rotating Internship training program at Largo Medical Center is the first year of post-doctoral training and the initial opportunity for the osteopathic medical school graduate to become involved in patient care management. During this time, the intern will complete a twelve month educational program involving extensive participation in patient care and characterized by a broad range of inpatient and outpatient clinical experiences in the management of patients.

The following rotations are required:

  • Internal Medicine (2 months)
  • General Internal Medicine/House Officer (2 months)
  • Family Medicine (1 month)
  • Emergency Medicine (1 month)
  • General Surgery (2 months)
  • Surgery Selective (1 month)
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology (1 month)
  • Pediatrics (1 month)
  • One month for an elective of the intern’s choosing

The curriculum may be adjusted to meet the specific educational objectives of the interns as long as such changes meet the AOA Basic Standards.

Internal Medicine Rotation – Intern

Care is provided to all medical patients on the assigned service, and the Intern is held accountable for:

  • thorough collection of data on each patient;
  • identifying and assessing all problems upon admission and daily management and follow-up throughout hospitalization;
  • daily care and follow-up, and conferring with the Internal Medicine resident and primary care attending as specified;
  • ensuring that the resident or primary care attending is properly and fully consulted regarding significant changes in a patient’s status and on critical management decisions;
  • working directly with the resident and the extern in assessment and management.

Internal Medicine ICU Rotation – Intern

The ICU rotation is designed to fulfill a necessary step in the advancement of the education of the intern in critical care management. Additional knowledge and practical experience is emphasized in a wide area of critical care cases. Interns will be taught to diagnose, manage and predict the natural course of the disease. Under the supervision of the ICU resident and/or Faculty, the Intern receivers instruction and performs common ICU procedures performed by the intern; such procedures will be assigned in accordance to the intern’s level of experience.

Obstetrics/Gynecology Clinic Rotation – Intern

The OB/GYN rotation will be completed under the direction of an office-based obstetrician/gynecologist who is on teaching faculty or under the direction of the gynecologist at the Pinellas County Public Health Department. At the end of the one-month clinic rotation, the interns should:

  • be able to obtain a complete obstetrical and gynecology history.
  • complete a comprehensive physical evaluation and obtain the necessary tests.
  • interpret the result of Pap’s smear and all the routine most common tests done during the prenatal period or during a gynecologic check up.
  • follow-up normal (low risk) maternity patients during the prenatal state.
  • understand the principles of colposcopy and precancerous changes of the cervix, uterus, vagina and vulva.
  • understand family planning methods and how to use them.
  • understand the premenopause, menopause and post-menopause changes and how to deal with them.

Pediatric Rotation – Intern

The purpose of the pediatric rotation is to provide the intern with didactic and practical clinical experience in the diagnosis and management of the pediatric patient with either normal or pathologic physiologic function as well as concepts of the natural course of disease and normal growth and development of the pediatric patient.

Surgery Rotation – Intern

While the intern does have an obligation and privilege of scrubbing in on a wide variety of surgical procedures, the main emphasis of this rotation is exposure to the peri-operative environment and surgical arena. Interns have the opportunity to rotate with various Faculty and relate to various disciplines such as Anesthesia, Surgeons and all members of the Surgery team.

Emergency Medicine – Intern

Interns have the opportunity to have exposure to a large variety and comprehensive scope of patient conditions while participating in the Emergency Department rotation.

Interns work directly with highly specialized Emergency Department physicians and will have the opportunity to assess, evaluate, treat and document patients care in a busy ED. They will also have the opportunity to perform patient procedures commonly done in the ED.

Family Medicine – Intern

Interns will complete a one month Family Practice rotation with an Attending Physician, which includes both hospital and outpatient clinic settings. Interns will be responsible for assessment, diagnosis, treatment and care of hospitalized patients while working under the direction of a Faculty member. The Intern will be exposed to a wide variety of diagnoses and conditions in both the inpatient and clinic setting.

In-house weekend coverage will be assigned on a rotating basis (7:00am - 7:00pm) for Family Practice Admissions. Whenever available, the House coverage Intern will assist the Family Practice Resident on Hospital Medicine rotation with admissions and record documentation.