There are five fellowship programs offered with 21 approved positions at Largo Medical Center in: Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Interventional Cardiology, Pulmonary Critical Care and Rheumatology.

Cardiology Fellowship (6 positions)

Program Director: Ronald Walsh, DO

The Cardiology fellowship at Largo Medical Center is designed to provide the trainee with high quality instruction and experience in all aspects of general and selected specialty cardiovascular areas. The program is 3 years in duration. Residents may be accepted into the program only after successfully completing three years of general Internal Medicine Residency training. The Base Training Institution is Largo Medical Center. Continuity outpatient clinic training is provided at the base teaching site as well as at affiliate sites (in the ambulatory care facilities of the attendings).

Interventional Cardiology (2 positions)

Program Director: Merrill Krolick, DO

Interventional Cardiology is an exciting subspecialty of general cardiology. The fellowship in Interventional Cardiology at Largo Medical Center is a 1 year program that a trainee can enter after completion of both an Internal Medicine residency and a general Cardiology fellowship. After completion of the program, the physician will have met requirements to sit for the ACOI Interventional Cardiology subspecialty boards. Throughout the program, the trainee will become prepared to function at a high level of performance, specifically in the areas of coronary and peripheral interventional procedures. The fellow will also be encouraged to achieve competency in the critical thinking and cognitive knowledge of interventional cardiology.

Gastroenterology Fellowship (6 positions)

Program Director: Marc Kudelko, DO

The primary goal of the Gastroenterology fellowship program at Largo Medical Center is to provide an excellent foundation for residents in pursuit of a clinical career in gastroenterology and to eventually become certified in the subsection of gastroenterology of the American Board of Osteopathic Internal Medicine. The program will include extensive gastrointestinal consultations, training in multiple endoscopic procedures, including both interventional and diagnostic procedures, interpretation of both radiological and pathological information, and exposure to patients in multiple medical settings including hospital, ambulatory surgical units, clinics, and private offices. The fellows will be offered exposure to patients presenting with different gastrointestinal symptoms and will be supervised in endoscopic procedures. The training program will include interrelationships with other disciplines including surgery, pathology, radiology, and primary care physicians.

Rheumatology Fellowship (4 positions)

Program Director: Robert L. DiGiovanni, DO, FACOI, FACR

Fellowship in Rheumatology is a dynamic two-year postdoctoral clinical based training program. The program is designed to develop qualified physicians who are clinically competent in the field of rheumatology, are capable of working in a variety of settings and who possess habits of life-long learning to build upon their knowledge, skills and professionalism. Diversity in training is obtained from exposure to varied patient populations, clinical and basic science seminars, imaging conferences, pathology sessions, journal clubs and emphasis on one-on-one bed side teaching.

Pulmonary Critical Care (3 positions)

Program Director: Salah Al-Andary, M.D.

The fellowship in Pulmonary/ Critical Care Medicine is designed to provide osteopathic Internal Medicine physicians with comprehensive training, clinical experience, research opportunities, and procedural experience in pulmonary and critical care medicine. The training will allow the fellow to become proficient in the various diagnostic, management and procedural skills of pulmonary and critical care medicine. Clinical experience shall be obtained in a variety of settings including pulmonary services and several critical care units at Largo Medical Center as well as critical care units at Bay Pines V A Medical Center. The program shall include extensive Pulmonary/Critical Care consultations, training in diagnostic and therapeutic pulmonary procedures. Successful completion of this program shall lead to the opportunity to practice pulmonary critical care medicine and become certified by the American Board of Osteopathic Internal Medicine in Pulmonary/Critical Care medicine.

For more information, please call the Medical Education Coordinator at (727) 588-5704 or email.