21st century technology has given Largo Medical Center the opportunity to improve the patient experience in some fo the most astonishing ways. With the introduction of the CONNECTED CARE platform, we've made feeling better again faster, safer and more convenient than ever before! As the first HCA West Florida Hospital to tap into the power of wireless technology, we've launched a new era in healthcare.

We're using this advanced technology to provide exceptional care through:

iMobile - Through the power of wireless devices, we can instantly pull up and view your current medical record and communicate with your care team.

Electronic Communication Boards - Patient rooms have an electronic communication board that lists their:

  • attending physician's name
  • nurse for that shift
  • tech for that shift
  • activity
  • upcoming tests
  • pain score
  • diet
  • goals for the day

The communications boards light up during the day and dim down at night so a patient's rest is assured.

Hand Hygiene - COMING SOON! High-tech monitoring systems will kindly remind caregivers to wash their hands when entering and exiting patient rooms.

Ask your doctor or nurse about Connected Care today!