Largo Medical Center March 14, 2018

EP lab staff assisting with first procedure.

Largo Medical Center is one of the first hospitals in the area to use the new Confirm Rx™ Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM), the first and only smartphone compatible ICM designed to help physicians remotely identify cardiac arrhythmias. The first procedure at the hospital was in late January.

"This first-of-its-kind technology assists physicians in quickly identifying some of the most difficult forms of heart arrhythmias, including atrial fibrillation," explained Malay Gandhi, MD, Cardiac Electrophysiologist at Largo Medical Center. "In turn, the information I receive assists me in creating a personalized treatment plan for each patient."

The ICM monitors a patient's heart rhythm and proactively transmits information via Bluetooth wireless technology to the device's mobile app which is what gives the physician remote access to a patient's condition. Patients can also track their own symptoms proactively through the app without having to contact their doctor. Once implanted, just under the skin in the chest during a quick, minimally-invasive outpatient procedure, the ICM can begin to monitor and detect a wide range of heart rhythms.

"It's specialized cardiovascular services like this one that we offer that helps get our patients on the road to recovery quicker than ever before," said Anthony Degina, CEO at Largo Medical Center.

An arrhythmia is an abnormal heart rhythm that develops when disease or injury disrupts the heart's electrical signals, causing the heart to beat erratically. As the heart begins to beat too fast or too slow, changes in blood flow can expose patients to symptoms such as palpitations, dizziness, shortness of breath or fainting.

Cardiac Electrophysiologists, Ronald Walsh, MD and Shalin Shah, MD also perform this procedure at Largo Medical Center.

Image: (right to left) Kelli Salazar, RN Manager; Christine Morrell, RN; Pamela Londos, RN; Dr. Malay Gandhi; Brian Lance, RCIS; Reginald Bablin, RN and Emmanuel Franco, RN.