Largo Medical Center July 17, 2014

Largo, FL - President George W. Bush had a Partial Knee Resurfacing (PKR) of his left knee Saturday, July 12. Back in May, he had a PKR of his right knee. The takeaway from such a high-profile patient is that there are solutions for those of us with knee pain. Many can find the solutions to their knee pain, including PKR, at the Florida Knee & Orthopedic Pavilion (FKOP) at Largo Medical Center.

“This year is the tenth anniversary of FKOP treating patients in our community and across greater Central Florida,” said Anthony Degina, CEO, Largo Medical Center. “Even better is the fact that our clinical teams have performed thousands of PKR’s during that time.”

FKOP physicians not only perform PKR, they also perform total knee replacements and hip resurfacing and replacement.

“When people walk in our door to have PKR, many walk out the same day on the road to recovery,putting them back out on the golf course in no time,” said Deb Saylor, RN, Director of the Florida Knee &Orthopedic Pavilion at Largo Medical Center.

The FKOP is a concierge amenity hospital-based program on the 5th floor offering many services including same day surgery, patients get to wear their own clothing, not hospital attire, they are served in the Key Largo patient dining area and can pick up a cappuccino at the Piano Bar.