Largo Medical Center September 21, 2015

Largo, FL - The Florida Limb Saving Institute at Largo Medical Center is hosting monthly support group meetings for those affected by diabetes and/or chronic wounds. Entitled “Wounded Not Broken,” support group meetings will be held on the first Tuesday of every month from 11 am to noon in the Bilgore Conference Center, Salon B at 201 14th Street SW Largo, FL 33770. Those who attend are asked to enter through the main entrance and they will be directed to the conference room.

The next support group meeting will be held on October 6th. For questions or additional information about the support group, please call Largo Medical Center at 727-587-7658.

Many patients visit their doctor with wounds or ulcers that will not heal. Some have decreased sensory loss of a limb or extremity. The Florida Limb Saving Institute was opened to help patients heal these kinds of wounds and avoid amputation. The Florida Limb Saving Institute offers patients a multidisciplinary team approach to their condition. Whether a patient is currently having problems with wounds on their legs or feet or is looking for ways to prevent future problems, each patient is evaluated by the team and a treatment is based on the individual conditions to ensure the best outcome for the patient.