Largo Medical Center August 28, 2015

Many patients visit their doctor with wounds or ulcers that will not heal. Some have decreased sensory loss of a limb or extremity. To better serve patients needing specialty treatment for hard to heal wounds and avoid amputation, Largo Medical Center has opened the *Florida Limb Saving Institute (FLSI).

"A multi-disciplinary team approach is critical to saving extremities, whether it is a patient who is currently having problems with wounds on their legs or feet or a patient who is looking for ways to prevent future problems," said Dr. Karen Kritsky, Medical Director of the FLSI at Largo Medical Center. "With an estimated 160,000 lower limb amputations performed annually, our team members are working diligently to decrease these numbers and improve the quality of life for our patients."

People with certain medical conditions are at a higher risk for limb or extremity loss and include those who have diabetes, peripheral arterial disease, coronary artery disease, smokers, blood clotting disorders, non-healing wounds or ulcers, bone infection, claudication or hyperlipidemia.

"Whether patients are referred to us by one of our wound care physicians, an endocrinologist, a vascular surgeon, an interventional cardiologist, or our many other physician specialists, we work closely with patients and their respective team of doctors to get their medical condition under control during hospitalization with the goal of eliminating the need for amputation," said Dr. Jesse Klein, Interventional Cardiology Director of the FLSI at Largo Medical Center.

"What also sets our program apart is Amy Ming, our Nurse Navigator," said Anthony Degina, Chief Executive Officer at Largo Medical Center. "She is a highly educated, compassionate nurse who navigates the coordination of all the communications necessary with all of our specialists while developing an individualized plan of care for each patient."

The Florida Limb Saving Institute provides education to patients and the public. This includes educational seminars and the "Controlling Diabetes - Wounded Not Broken" monthly support group.

*The Florida Limb Saving Institute is a new program at two local hospitals including Largo Medical Center and Medical Center of Trinity.