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Local Surgeons Using NEW Stem Cell Technology

Use Your Own Stem Cells For a Better Recovery

About a million Americans every year have back surgery. Many have pain that can turn into a variety of health concerns including but not limited to nerve impingement and bulging or herniated discs. A very specific procedure called a spinal fusion, can be what a physician prescribes. At Largo Medical Center, new state-of-the-art technology is providing surgeons with the opportunity of using a patient’s own cells to assist in a faster, less-painful recovery. It’s through the use of a device called an autologous platelet separator.

“The device separates blood into three components allowing for extraction of one’s own stem cells so they can be reinfused to assist in a faster regrowth of bone in a patient’s spine,” said Robert Kowalski, MD, Neurosurgeon at Largo Medical Center. “The other two components assist with protecting the spinal nerves and inflammation.”

“At Largo Medical Center, we are always looking for ways to better the patient experience,” said Richard Satcher, Largo Medical Center Chief Executive Officer. “Thanks to innovations in medicine today like this one, our patients are telling us they are feeling less pain after surgery.”

And less pain after surgery, often reduces the need for pain medication, allowing the patient to go home sooner than they would have if the procedure been performed using other current technologies.

Ashraf Ragab, MD, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon at Largo Medical Center says, “Promoting bone healing by using the patient’s own stem cells and using minimally invasive techniques helps in reducing pain, and getting the patient back to a normal lifestyle as quickly as possible.”

 A spinal fusion may be performed when a surgeon diagnoses a patient with advanced spinal disease.

To learn more about this new stem cell spinal fusion procedure, call Consult A Nurse at 1-888-741-5115.

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