Tampa Bay Heart Institute First In Area To Use Newest Drug Eluting Stents For Treatment Of Coronary Artery Disease

Tampa Bay Heart Institute offers choice of two distinct drugs on separate drug-eluting stent platforms

St. Petersburg, FL – Tampa Bay Heart Institute today announced one of the first implementations of the NEWEST drug eluting stent in the treatment of coronary artery disease. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently approved the PROMUS™ Everolimus-Eluting Coronary Stent System for the treatment of coronary artery disease.

The PROMUS Stent is the second generation of drug eluting stents, offering physicians the choice of two distinct drugs (paclitaxel and everolimus). In addition, this new stent includes several new features that make it more beneficial to patient and doctors including:

  • Thinner, more flexible
  • Easier to insert
  • New stent design conforms to blood vessel better
  • Can treat patients whom might have not been a candidate for previous stents
  • Not as bulky as previous stents (lower profile) helping with deliverability
  • Coated

“The PROMUS Stent provides benefits that make then an attractive new treatment option for physicians and patients,” said Ricky Satcher, Chief Executive Officer of Largo Medical Center. “The PROMUS Stent complements our broad DES portfolio, as well as our commitment to continued innovation and improved patient outcomes.”

“The PROMUS Stent offers an unprecedented two-drug strategy – two distinct drugs on two highly deliverable stent platforms,” said David Kohl, M.D, Interventional Cardiologist at Tampa Bay Heart Institute. “It has shown outstanding deliverability, low late loss and the potential to reduce the need for re-interventions.”

The next-generation PROMUS Stent is a highly deliverable stent made from cobalt chromium, which allows for thinner struts without sacrificing strength or visibility. The SPIRIT clinical trials indicate that the combination of the polymer/stent platform and the controlled release of the everolimus drug results in excellent deliverability, a strong safety profile, low levels of late loss and improved efficacy, making the PROMUS (XIENCE V) Stent a valuable addition to the U.S. drug-eluting stent market.