Largo Medical Center
April 24, 2019

Largo, FL – The medical staff at Largo Medical Center presented its 6th Annual Medical Staff Healthcare Educational Scholarship to 18-year-old, Largo High School Senior, Olivia Rivellini. This is the 2nd consecutive year the Medical Staff has awarded $20,000 to a local student. The scholarship started as a $10,000 award. Rivellini will receive $5,000 per year while getting her under graduate degree.

“Oliva Rivellini represents the epitome of a student who excels in academic achievement, community service, leadership and compassion.” said Karen Kritsky, DO, Medical Staff Member, Largo Medical Center. “With the current need for more physicians across the country, we continue to enjoy assisting each and every one of our scholarship recipients, like Olivia, realize their academic dreams.”

Criteria for this scholarship includes a student who demonstrates a commitment to enter a healthcare related field, leadership, community support and academic excellence by maintaining a minimum 3.0 GPA. A committee of physicians on the hospital's medical staff select the recipient. Financial need is a consideration but is not required to receive the scholarship.

“I am incredibly appreciative for Largo Medical Center's commitment to fostering aspiring physicians in our community,” said Olivia Rivellini. “The Scholarship award intensifies my ambitions of becoming a neurosurgeon, while its generosity mitigates the burdens of my academic journey.” Olivia is in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program at Largo High School. Her GPA is 4.6. She is being awarded her scholarship at the 2019 Annual Largo Medical Center Medical Staff Meeting being held Thursday, April 25 at the Belleair Country Club. If you'd like to attend the event for an interview and/or to learn more about this scholarship, please contact Tammy Robiconti, Director of Marketing & Public Relations at Largo Medical Center at 727-348-1896 or at