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Same Day Partial Knee Resurfacing


Some patients may qualify for same day or outpatient surgery and can check in before breakfast and be home in time for dinner!

Compassionate, competent orthopedic surgeons perform same day Partial Knee Resurfacing (PKR) at Largo Medical Center’s Florida Orthopedic Pavilion. The guest and their family can enjoy all of the Florida Knee & Orthopedic Pavilion’s hotel-like amenities that in-patients do but with the added benefit that they can sleep in their own bed right after surgery.

How does it work? If you qualify for same day PKR, our concierge will provide you with an informative brochure about what you and your family can expect and give you a pre-op courtesy call to answer questions.

Upon check-in guests and their family are given a comfortable private room to keep belongings and prep prior to surgery. While the patient is going through surgery, the family can dine, check the internet, play games or watch DVDs, even grab a cappuccino.

After surgery, the patient and his/her family can go back to their room for recovery and discharge. Whether your surgery is same day Partial Knee Resurfacing or in-patient, the results are remarkable.

Some Tips to Prepare for Same Day Surgery

  • Get all your food shopping and meals prepared ahead of time.
  • Have a pair of shoes with good support and non-skid heals.
  • Remove all obstacles that might cause you trip such as throw rugs.
  • Prepare ice bags to use after surgery.
  • Have emergency phone numbers handy
  • Plan to use a comfortable chair with arms to help you get up and down.
  • Arrange for someone to drive you home and stay with you 24 hours after your surgery
  • Call our Concierge to help you with any special requests or arrangements at (727) 588-5502.

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Attend a free seminar to learn more about Same Day Partial Knee Resurfacing at Largo Medical Center’s Florida Knee and Orthopedic Pavilion.

Call (888) 685-1594 (toll free) to register.