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Program Director: Tahirih Jensen, D.O., MHA

Frederick Clarkson, D.O.
Todd Clarkson, D.O.
Kimberly Dean, D.O.
George Dunkelberger, D.O.
Nick Engleman, D.O.
Allen Finkelstein, D.O.
Andrew Gross, D.O.
Donald Collins, D.O.
Jeffrey Grove, D.O.
Alison Howard, D.O.
Jason Howard, D.O.
Keith Kappeler, D.O.
Walter Kay, D.O.
Krista Keith, D.O.
William Keweshan, D.O.
Richard Kidd, D.O.
James Kinney, D.O.
Ronald Mall, D.O.
Michael Markou, D.O.
James Napier, D.O.
Nicholas Okeson, D.O.
Vicki Pappageorge, D.O.
Chris Patterson, D.O.
Samuel Pettina, D.O.
M. Bryan Reynolds, D.O.
Joel Roberts, D.O.
Tyrone Tvedten, D.O.
Norman Urich, D.O.
Sheryl Haynes, D.O.

Clinic Site

  • Largo Family Care Center at Walsingham was opened in May, 1995, and is the hospital's ambulatory care setting. The 4,000 square foot center is located at 13540 Walsingham Road, Largo. The Center is the home of the hospital's family practice residency clinics, and includes urgent care/walk in services and private patients. The Center is staffed by two full-time attendings, Dr. Jensen and Dr. Baird. The Center also offers a weekly OMM Clinic.
  • The Center also now serves the indigent, Dermatology, and General Surgery Clinics.