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Quality & Patient Safety

Putting Patients First is the foundation of our culture and passion for providing high quality healthcare.

Clinical Excellence

As an affiliate of the nation’s leading healthcare company, we have access to a vast clinical data warehouse, allowing us to adopt best practices to ensure best possible outcomes for our patients.

Industry Leading Performance

With strong support from the HCA Clinical Services Group, we are achieving and exceeding national clinical goals and benchmarks.These efforts include:

Antibiotic Management

Through education and clinical order sets, we support antibiotic stewardship.

Blood Utilization

We encourage best clinical practices in blood utilization by adopting a more conservative approach to blood utilization which recent studies show improves patient outcomes.

Electronic Health Record

For the past several years, we have been shifting all of our systems to support the Electronic Health Record. Physicians and other healthcare providers have been able to securely login through the hospital website and access patient data from our hCare Clinical Portal. The Patient Portal launched in 2014, allowing patients to access their personal health care information in much the same way.

Emergency Care

HCA West Florida Hospitals are leaders in improving ER processes to enhance patient care and reduce wait times. From stroke care to heart attacks, we are saving lives through advanced technology delivered quickly. Average ER wait times are posted on hospital websites, digital billboards and can be obtained by texting “ER” to 23000.

Flu Season Preparation

HCA is a leader in making hospitals safer for patients and visitors by providing free vaccines to staff and requiring vaccinations of health workers with direct patient contact. When a vaccine is not possible, the caregiver must wear a mask.

Graduate Medical Education

HCA is responding to a shortage of graduate medical education (GME) opportunities for physicians to complete their medical training in Florida by supporting and expanding GME opportunities at HCA hospitals throughout the state.

Medical Research

Improving trauma care in Florida is one of our largest statewide research initiatives through our collaboration with USF Health. We also participate in a number of research efforts through our affiliation with HCA’s Sarah Cannon Research Institute (SCRI) of Nashville and our GME programs.

Mother & Children

All of our ERs, nurseries and pediatric units are equipped with the Broselow System, a sophisticated medication safety program for infants and children to ensure proper dosing and administration of drugs to infants and children. We were one of the original participants in the March of Dimes studies to minimize or eliminate elective deliveries before the 39th week of pregnancy. HCA was also the first US Health System to test newborns for Kernicterus, which is now an industry standard. We continue to expand the number of Neonatal Intensive Care services and Pediatric Intensive Care services to ensure access to the highest level of infant and pediatric care.

Sepsis Program

Severe sepsis is now one of the most common causes of death in ICUs nationally and we have adopted aggressive strategies and practices through all of our facilities to reduce this serious health threat.

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