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Director of Marketing/Public Relations:
Tammy Robiconti

November 30, 2011

Largo, FL – Chances are there are many in your audience or readership with Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD). It occurs when cholesterol causes blockages in the leg which impedes blood flow to the lower extremities. Getting that blood pumping the way it should is getting easier thanks to new technology at Largo Medical Center which is restoring blood flow to extremities in an effort to avoid amputation. The PAD procedure is getting this accomplished with the use of a new piece of equipment called the “Stealth.”

“The device uses a diamond coated burr to cut through plaque in the small vessels in the leg,” said Merrill Krolick, DO, and Interventional Cardiologist. “The procedure is done without a surgical incision.” 

“Dr. Krolick is one of the first in the area to use the Stealth at Largo Medical Center,” said Janet Morra, Vice President of Cardiovascular Services at Largo Medical Center. “Patients can often have their procedure done early in the morning and are discharged later the same day.”

12 million Americans suffer from PAD. It will often present with symptoms including: tired legs, heaviness in the legs, non-healing ulcers, and pain while walking. People who have this disorder may have underlying coronary artery disease and can die of a heart attack. PAD is a serious condition that if not treated can lead to painful legs, gangrene, removal of toes or even removal of a limb.  It is important that an evaluation of the peripheral circulation be done and to make every effort to restore any impaired blood flow to the limb. Dr. Krolick says patients who may not be well enough for an open surgical procedure to restore circulation, can be treated safely with this technique.